Hops Typhoon American Pale Ale / 6 cans

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Hops Typhoon American Pale Ale, a fun and flavorful beer by the brewmasters at Zhuhai-based 21 Jag. From the hops-inspired design of the can to the tropical fruit aromas held within, this brew is your new summer favorite. 

After cracking open a cold one, a hoppy scent fills the air and hits your nostrils like a lightning-fast jab from ol’ Floyd Mayweather. The beverage’s aroma, in many ways, reminds us of South Florida-based Funky Buddha Brewery’s Hop Gun IPA. 

Hops Typhoon APA is a well-balanced beer, with floral hints followed by a hoppy and bitter aftertaste. And it’s not just us who are keen on the craft suds – 21 Jag picked up the China Craft Beer Award in 2017 and 2018 with this unique brew. 
Coming in at 5% ABV, this medium-bodied APA is moderately bitter with tropical fruit tones. It’s one of the more refreshing beers we’ve enjoyed so far this summer, especially when its ice cold and the centigrade is over 30 degrees. 

If you’re looking to enjoy this hoppy nectar with good eats, we say go spicy. Hops Typhoon pairs well with Southeast Asian cuisine as well as Mexican dishes.

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